Why Wet Rooms have become the UK’s hottest bathroom trend

Wet rooms were fairly uncommon 10 years ago, but after the market began to show signs of significant increase in 2013, wet rooms have become incredibly popular. In fact, the number of homes having wet rooms installed in the UK continues to rise year-on-year, with no sign that the trend will slow down any time soon.

They’ve become popular for many reasons, not least because of the significant improvement and ease of people’s lifestyle if they have mobility issues. But it’s not just those with physical disabilities who are installing them. Many people now prefer them for convenience, ease of cleaning and the stylish looks which they offer. That said, let’s take a look as to what a wet room is and why wet rooms have become the UK’s hottest bathroom trend.

What is a Wet room ?

“Wet room” is the name given to any part of a bathroom or en suite that has been waterproofed and has a dedicated shower area, which is level with the rest of the flooring. The whole area usually has seamless flooring, making the overall area modern and minimalistic in its design and appearance. 

Whilst it may appear that there is no shower tray in the actual shower area, a special waterproof shower tray is installed below the tiles. This has a gentle slope to ensure that water drains away quickly and effectively. Covering the shower tray with non-slip tiles creates a practical and attractive showering area that is level with the rest of the waterproof floor.

Why fit a Wet room?

A wet room is a great option for those with a small bathroom, as it makes the most of the space. Overall room dimensions clearly determine how much space can be made available. The recommended minimum space required for a shower tray in a wet room is 800x800mm. The most popular size is 1200x900mm and this size tray can be fitted into a space once occupied by a standard sized bath. The compact dimensions of the showering area would free up more of the remaining space, giving even a small bathroom as spacious and modern feel. 

For those looking for a luxurious bathroom, a wet room area can recreate the stylish feel you would normally only get in an expensive hotel suite.

You may also be thinking of ways to future-proof your bathroom and a wet room is ideal in catering for current and future requirements, as you get older.

Is a wet room a good idea for someone with limited mobility?

Absolutely! A wet room is a much more accessible option for someone with mobility issues compared to a standard bathroom. They are especially recommended for wheelchair users, allowing for completely unassisted shower entry and exit. It is advisable getting professional advice with both the design and installation so that all individual needs are met. 

Slip-resistant flooring is especially important for people with disabilities or mobility issues. An anti-slip tiled floor has the benefits of superior quality and appearance over vinyl flooring solutions. Under-floor heating is an ideal addition to a wet room, as it helps with the quick evaporation of water, which means there will be no lingering puddles of water.

Keeping safe in the bathroom is of paramount importance. Both the grab rails, shower rails and shower seats are excellent safety features as long as they are placed correctly.  

An incorrectly placed fitting could actually render it unusable. Correct installation is vital and, if not done with the proper care, there is a danger that the installed product may be unsafe. Talking to a specialist bathroom design and installation company, like Aquaneed, will help you get a clearer picture of the layout and design of the room. Involving an occupational therapist in this part of the process also ensures that all rails and fittings are placed correctly for the individual’s needs.

Wet room featuring L-shaped support rail with shower head holder

Colour schemes to consider based on the size of a wet room

The size of your room will dictate the colour schemes that will look good in the space. For example, a small room will be made to feel even smaller if all dark colours are used. Conversely, a large space may appear soulless and stark if it is entirely decorated in white. 

Light colours are recommended in small spaces. This helps to create an impression of more space, and adds an airy feel to the room. Using white wall tiles, and adding touches of colour through towels and accessories can easily achieve a clean, light and airy look. A good tip for making the room appear larger is having darker floor tiles and lighter wall tiles. A border strip or a strip of mosaics in the shower is a great way of adding texture and colour into a small room.

Dark or bright colours combined with bold designs all look good in large spaces. By the same token, simple, light designs can also look great in a larger space. Adding items like a feature wall, a statement mirror or gorgeous storage units can help add personality to a large room. For further inspiration and décor ideas, check out the current bathroom trends for 2020.

What are the benefits of a wet room?

Besides redefining the concept of bathing experience for the better, wet rooms have some obvious and not so obvious benefits.


One of the main advantages of a wet room is that you can fully customise it according to individual needs and preferences. There are few design limitations, as wet room floors that can be adapted to any shape or size of bathroom.

More room for movement

Due to the fact that the shower tray is integrated within the floor, there is much more floor space to walk around. It is also easier for a wheelchair user to manoeuvre around. 

Family Friendly

For a multi-generational family, a wet room makes a lot of sense. The whole space can be designed so that it is suitable for every member of the family from grandparents to the kids and even the dog if it needs a wash.


Due to the fact that there are few joints and fewer pieces of furniture, it will be much easier to keep the wet room clean and tidy compared to a traditional bathroom. 


Compared to standard bathrooms, a wet room with an outstanding design can reflect sophisticated simplicity and give the space a luxurious look.


Despite the classy design, building a wet room is not as expensive as you might think. 


Wet rooms reduce trip hazards and prevent injuries since the shower tray is directly integrated with the wet room floor and is made with slip-resistant material.


Specific accessories can easily be added according to individual needs. Grab rails, raised height toilets, shower seats and in-shower body dryers can all be added and still look stylish. 

Here to help

Aquaneed has 19 years experience in bathroom adaptions. If you are considering turning your old bathroom into a practical and luxury wet room, we are here to help and can provide with honest and reliable advice. You can contact us by phone or via our Contact Page.