Modern wet room with glass panel and separate bath

Modern and Stylish Accessible Bathroom Designs

These days there are so many exciting and contemporary bathroom designs to choose from, but somehow the designs that cater for anyone with reduced mobility can often be classed as mundane and boring. At Aquaneed, we believe that an accessible bathroom space does not have to look like it is meant to be part of a hospital wing. Can contemporary design be combined with innovative ways to marry practicality, style and accessible functionality? Of course. The issue is that many providers focus exclusively on the disability and see the restrictions rather than looking at the project as a chance to design an entirely bespoke bathroom that is both functional and contemporary. It is important that you find a professional accessible wet room installation company that can approach your bathroom design as a custom project.

Bespoke Accessible Bathroom Designs

One of the easiest ways to make a bathroom more accessible is to dispense with the need for contained spaces. The best way to approach this is by replacing a bath with a large and expansive shower, giving you a wet room environment, which is easy to navigate. The real strength of a wet room is that it does not have to look boring and opens up the available space, while providing all the features required by someone with mobility issues. Modern accessories and tiles will turn your bathroom space into a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing wet room – a place where you will enjoy spending time in.

Accessories to assist you

When it comes to converting your bathroom into a wet room, there are a variety of options. You can have super-wide shower doors fitted, which allow for easy wheelchair access. You can opt for a wet room without doors or walls, meaning you will have one integrated space. A shower seat allows for safe and independent washing. Non-slip flooring throughout the space will reduce the risk of any slips or falls. Stylish drop-down and grab rails can be fitted where most needed. Look out for future articles, where we will be discussing accessories in more detail.

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