Modern bathroom with level access shower and shower seat

Choosing the right shower seat

If you are living with a health condition that affects the strength in your lower body or you have restricted mobility, you may find that a simple act like having a shower can pose a challenge. A shower seat can provide you with added stability, allowing you the freedom to shower independently without external assistance.

When it comes to shower seats, there is a whole range of options available, depending on the level of support that is required. Options range from freestanding stools or chairs, specially designed for use in the shower, to chairs or benches, which are fixed to the wall.

When should I consider a shower seat?

  • If you are starting to feel a little unsafe and you feel like you could use support to steady yourself when standing in your shower, then a shower seat can give you the confidence to continue showering without assistance.
  • If you have weakness or pain in your legs or back, a shower seat will enable you to sit and wash without putting a strain on your back or legs.
  • If you have issues with balance or dizziness, then a shower seat can offer additional support and safety while you shower.

Level access shower with foldaway shower seat

Types of shower seats:

  1. Free standing shower stool

This type of stool is small and lightweight, which means it can easily be moved and stored away when it is not in use.

Only consider a free standing shower stool if:

  • You only need minimal support in the shower
  • You have no difficulty sitting or standing up from a seated position
  • You have no balance or dizziness issues
  1. Free standing shower chair

This type of chair is lightweight with a backrest as well as supportive armrests.

Consider a free standing shower seat if:

  • You have restricted mobility and require a greater level of support in the shower
  • You require arm rests for support when sitting down and standing up
  • You need to hold onto an armrest whilst washing your body and feet
  • You tire easily and need to sit back whilst showering
  1. Wall-fixed shower seat

This type of shower seat is fixed to the wall of your shower and can be folded up against the wall. Wall-fixed shower seats come with or without supporting legs. Most people feel more secure having the added support of the legs.

Consider a wall-fixed shower seat if:

  • You have a small shower cubicle or wet room area.
  • You are sharing the bathroom with other family members and have nowhere to store a free standing seat.
  • You require a high level of support when sitting down, standing up and washing
  • You have a solid wall to which the seat can be fixed.

Wetroom with wall-fixed shower seat

Measuring up

It is extremely important that the seat is the correct height.

As a guideline, you should be measured from the back of your heel on the floor to the crease behind your knee whilst standing up. This will give you the correct seat height. Keep in mind that there needs to be enough space for you to be able to sit with your knees at a 90 degree angle and your feet placed flat on the floor. This is likely to be the most comfortable position once your shower seat is installed.

It is advisable to get assistance from your occupational therapist to ensure that the seat is the correct height.

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