Accessible bathroom design - Modern wet room with shower seat and grab rails

6 Great Ideas for Accessible Bathroom Designs

Continuing advances in accessible bathroom design means that it has never been easier to create a beautiful bathroom that is safe and stylish at the same time. By combining the latest interior styles with products designed for safe showering and bathing, anyone, regardless of age or ability, can create a highly functional bathroom that looks stylish too.

Below are six things you should take into consideration when it comes to designing an accessible bathroom.

1. Wet room

Wet rooms are becoming more popular these days and are ideal for maximising the existing space. The room can be made to look even more spacious when teamed with a light colour palette and a minimal approach to styling.  With no moving parts or doors to open and close, a wet room is also suitable for all ages and accessibility requirements.

2. Shower Seat

Including a shower seat in the wet room space allows for safe and secure independent or assisted washing. It is the easiest option for a stress-free showering experience. Options range from a cushioned seat with backrest and arm support to a wall hung shower seat, or even a custom-built shower bench.

3. High Rise or Comfort Height WC 

As the name suggests, these WC’s are taller in height. The added height aids users who have mobility and flexibility issues with getting on and off the WC. For additional safety and stability, rise and fall handrails should be considered.  

4. Slip-resistant flooring

Slip-resistant flooring is an essential requirement for any accessible bathroom.

Compared to tiles, vinyl flooring is a more maintenance free option due to it’s unbroken finish. It also has the advantage of being a warmer flooring type due to its material components and offers superior comfort underfoot whilst maintaining high performance and safety.

Slip-resistant vinyl is no longer the clinical-looking solution associated with hospitals. There are many modern and stylish options when it comes to texture and colour. Laminate vinyl boasts a wide selection of choices from marble to wood effect.

 5. Wall-hung basin and cupboards

A wall-hung basin can really help a wheelchair user in that there is no pedestal in the way. Another advantage is that the basin can be installed at a particular height that is particular to the end user.

Wall-hung cupboards can be fixed at a height to suit individual needs. This minimises any obstruction and allows for easy movement around the bathroom space. A choice of modern cupboards brings a contemporary design statement to the space.

6. Stylish grab rails and rise and fall handrails 

The installation of grab rails, if nothing else, is one of the single biggest additions you can make to your bathroom. They assist in offering stability and peace of mind when manoeuvring around the bathroom area.

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